Destiny 2: Bungie Makes Requested Changes to How Eververse Works

Bungie made an incredibly detailed outline for changes to Destiny 2, as well as some [...]


Bungie made an incredibly detailed outline for changes to Destiny 2, as well as some clarifications to misunderstandings, and a seasonal update for future goals, with their latest developer update. The blog post itself was very long, you can read it in its entirety here, but one part specifically addressed Eververse concerns and how much of the cosmetic items in-game, which many grind in the MMO specifically for, were locked behind paywalls. In response to this, the developers over at Bungie have outlined the changes being made to how it works and how to earn.


We recognize that the scales are tipped too far towards Tess at the moment, and Eververse was never intended to be a substitute for end game content and rewards. So, we'll be making three changes for upcoming Seasons:

  • We're shifting the balance of new content in favor of activity rewards over Bright Engrams. This includes adding Ghosts, Sparrows, and ships (to date found only in Bright Engrams) to achievement reward pools.
  • We'll provide a gameplay path to earn Bright Engrams and all contained rewards (including Event Engrams).
  • We'll give players more direct purchase options and make adjustments to Bright Engrams to allow players to get the items they want more often.

We've begun implementing these changes for the Crimson Days event beginning February 13 (with even more changes on the way in Season 3):

  • Completing Nightfall, Raid, and Crimson Days milestones during Crimson Days will reward you an exclusive Legendary Emote, Weapon Skin, and Exotic Sparrow, respectively.
  • Players will earn double engrams at level-up: one Crimson Engram and one Illuminated Engram for the duration of the event.
  • Crimson Engrams can also drop from completing the Crimson Days match and from completing the Crimson Days milestone on each character.
  • Each Crimson Engram is very strongly weighted to new rewards when decrypted until all new event items have been obtained.

Making note that these changes will go into effect by the upcoming event is in response to the limited time only The Dawning event loot drops being up to 80% locked behind that Eververse paywall. What this means is that those playing the Winter Event solely to earn special gear to customise their guardians couldn't access many of the drops unless they were willing to shell out real-life cash in exchange for in-game currency.

It looks like the team has responded fully, short of removing Eververse together, and the upcoming Crimson Days event will be the perfect chance to see if they have followed through.