Destiny 2 Faction Rally Issues Prompt Another Apology from Bungie

Destiny 2 players received an apology from Bungie recently based on negative feedback about the [...]


Destiny 2 players received an apology from Bungie recently based on negative feedback about the Faction Rallies for Season 2 that criticized loot farming lockouts and other changes.

When players began participating in this season's Faction Rallies that began recently, they quickly realized that there was something different about how many Lost Sector chests players were able to open. While farming to open chest after chest was a viable and often practiced strategy before, it no longer worked after Bungie imposed a limit on how many chests could be opened at a time, that limit being two chests within 10 minutes. Bungie acknowledged that the change was "too disruptive" and has details coming on what it plans to do about the system before the next Faction Rallies.

"In the recent December 12 update, Faction Token rewards were added to an existing system that was locking players out from Lost Sector Rewards," Bungie said. We have heard player feedback that this solution was too disruptive. We're looking at a change that won't make players feel forced to run to and from a single chest for hours while also not placing a hard stop on enjoying Lost Sectors. We want to ensure that every time you open a chest there is loot inside. We'll share more details on this before the next Faction Rallies.

The other part of the Faction Rallies that players took issue with was the new weapons in Season 2, or rather the lack of the new weapons. Players decrypting their Faction Engrams and acquiring random weapons hoped to add some new loot to their collection only to find duplicates and older guns. Bungie explained that the new Season 2 weapons weren't in fact part of the loot pool that players could pull from when decrypting the Engrams, a move that it says there's no excuse for.

"It was not made clear beforehand that the new Season 2 weapons would be added throughout the events of the Season rather than all at once in the beginning. This was on us. No excuses. You can read the full details with how the weapons will be rolled out here. We will be remedying this lapse in communication next week with details on what you should expect when the next Iron Banner rolls out in Season 2."

Destiny 2's Faction Rallies will continue into next week.