Bungie Says Destiny 2's Future Will Be Featured Later This Week, "Where We're Headed"

Destiny 2 has been out for awhile now and has seen its first large expansion to fruition. Though [...]


Destiny 2 has been out for awhile now and has seen its first large expansion to fruition. Though the sequel does correct a lot of the missteps that many players had issues with when the first title dropped, namely the lack of story that original game offered, there were still many MMO fans that were left wanting. It seems that the team over at Bungie can't escape controversy, as the game has been under fire from gamers since day one. Bungie wants those exact players to know that they are listening and have promised to do better. It looks like we'll be seeing "how" that promise will be fulfilled later on this week.

Bungie's Christopher Barrett, Destiny 2 Game Director, took to Twitter today to address future plans and clue fans in on when they can tune in, "For anyone curious - I read Bungie forums, I read Reddit, I read Twitter, I watch Twitch. I also play Destiny. I share your love for the game. I'll talk about where we are headed Thursday."

The responding thread has the naysayers one would expect, but it was also met with overwhelming support from current players as well, with one player even stating, "We're not all as bad as what you read on social media. Don't think that all of us are bitter." That's not to say the constructive feedback is unwarranted, and the game is definitely not without its flaws, but sometimes - as is the case with many things regarding the power of anonymity, that 'feedback' spirals out from constructive and into downright abusive.

Bungie has been on top of team community since launch with a highly detailed weekly blog. Hopefully with all of this 'awareness' that Barrett has stated, the changes that many have been asking for will see some form of implementation for a happy balance between what people loved from the first game, and what people love from its sequel.

Stay tuned!