Destiny 2 Known Issues List Updated - The Buffalo Issue That Just Won't Die, Faction Rallies, And More

Destiny 2 is amping up for the release of the first big expansion, Curse of Osiris. The latest [...]


Destiny 2 is amping up for the release of the first big expansion, Curse of Osiris. The latest storyline brings players into the past, present, and future and comes alongside Season which means fantastic things regarding post-campaign content. But before the new adventure starts, there are still a few tweaks needed here and there. Not uncommon for an online game and Bungie has been doing a fantastic job at staying on top of all issues. That being said, their weekly "Known Issues" list has been updated with a few key tid-bits of information as well as one stubborn issue that refuses to die.

Despite several hot fixes, the Buffalo errors just won't quit on PC. Bungie states that they believe this issue derives from a network stability issue for players with multiple local connections. Faction Rally Tokens, Leviathan Raid issues, and more are all included in this week's investigations.

The full list, as per Bungie, is as follows:

Buffalo, Part 2

Last week, Hotfix was released to address Buffalo errors on PC. We have discovered that some players are receiving erroneous Buffalo errors within the game client that are caused by alternate factors. These issues sometimes relate to network stability, or having multiple PCs connected to Destiny on a local network. Please follow steps within the Network Troubleshooting Guide to ensure you've applied the correct settings for Destiny 2 gameplay. Additionally, follow steps for configuring UPnP if you have multiple PC's on the same network.

Continued Investigations

The following issues have recently been added to the Destiny 2 Vital Information and Known Issues list:

  • Faction Rally Tokens: We have identified an issue where Faction Rally tokens are removed when players create new characters within Destiny 2. We are seeking to resolve this issue prior to the first Faction Rallies event of Season 2.
  • "Leviathan" Raid: Calus may sometimes become immune to damage during the final phase of the encounter
  • Black Screen when Loading into the Tower: Players may sometimes encounter a black screen when loading into the Tower. This may resolve itself after one minute, or players may workaround this issue by visiting an alternate destination and loading into the Tower once more
  • Bright Engram Ornaments: Sweet Business and Sturm ornaments within the Bright Engram may display "Already added to Collection" before a player acquires these items. This issue does not prevent players from earning these items.
  • Hunter Survivalist Perk: The Survivalist perk on legendary Hunter leg armor does not grant the intended Recovery stats.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Curse of Osiris drops for all platforms on December 5th!