Destiny 2 Leak - Next Expansion Details Revealed

Now that the world of Destiny 2 is in full festive spirit with The Dawning holiday event now live, [...]

destiny 2 leak

Now that the world of Destiny 2 is in full festive spirit with The Dawning holiday event now live, Guardians all over the world are enjoying the new Mayhem game mode, as well as good old fashioned snowball fights, in true form. But as with most online games, there is always the topic of "what's coming next?" It seems that we have an idea of what the next expansion will bring already now that Curse of Osiris is available.

Dataminers are a godsend, but they aren't always 100% accurate. That being said, new DLC information has been found hidden away in the MMO's coding but what makes this even curiouser, is that the coding found does match up with previous speculation. According to the find, the next DLC expansion for Destiny 2 will be titled Heralds of Nezarec and will bring a new location for gamers to explore: the sixth moon belonging to Saturn - Enceladus. Also according to the datamine, the new expansion will house three new Strikes as well as ten new story missions for Guardians to take on.

We've met Ikora's mentor with Curse of Osiris, so what story will Enceladus bring? According to the report, a ship crashes into the frozen wasteland and will land players among brand new enemies, the Frames and Heralds, as well as a new Big Bad: the Nezarec. You can't fight a new evil without some epic backup, and that's where the notorious Gunslinger Ana Bray and Warmind Rasputin come into play. That's also where this lines up with previous lore drops found hidden away in social spaces: Ana's character has been teased a few times by Bungie making fans think that she will make a grand appearance in the world of Destiny 2. This leak could prove those speculations correct, and if so - there will the opportunity for a very dark substory.

Bungie has yet to make comment of the recent leak, though the original post has since been taken down since its Reddit appearance. Until the dev team confirms it themselves, just like all leaks, this should be taken with a grain of salt until we receive an official announcement. For now, Guardians can partake in the new content supplied by the first expansion: Curse of Osiris.