Destiny 2 Officially Surpasses 1.2 Million Online Players - A Huge Milestone for the Shooter

In none too surprising news, Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 has officially surpasses over 1.2 million online players, despite having only just been released earlier this week! Though many expected this turnout, it is still a huge milestone for Bungie and an amazing start to the sequel's success.

Destiny 2 hasn't even released on all of the platforms yet and it's already turning out amazing numbers. It is important to note however that though these numbers for Xbox One and PS4 players is impressive, it's not even counting a full player count. "Over 1.2 million concurrent players" only applies to those online, not those who have purchased the title.

As seen in the Tweet above, Bungie wanted to thank "Guardians" for participating in the game's launch and contribute to these impressive numbers. As seen in just the first week alone, players are already finding interesting little easter eggs, hidden socials spaces, and even recreating popular Marvel characters using their very own avatars.


Destiny 2 is officially out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players, with a PC release set for October 24th.