Destiny 2's Latest Puzzle Has Officially Been Solved

Last week, Bungie unveiled Destiny 2's "Exploring the Corridors of Time" puzzle, the latest quest exclusive to the game's Season of Time expansion. The puzzle took the game's community by storm, resulting in marathon play sessions that had Bungie's community manager even stepping in to encourage players to pace themselves and take breaks. After nearly a week, however, the puzzle has finally been solved, which grants players the brand-new Bastion weapon, a kinetic fusion rifle. Fans seem to be happy with the quest overall, which is a very good thing given the investment required. It certainly was amazing to see fans working together towards a common goal!

The first phase of the puzzle took 19 hours to solve, as a new clue would be unlocked each hour, leading players further through the Corridors. After the first 19 hours of the puzzle came to an end, players were left with lore entries for The Pigeon and The Phoenix book, and 19 clues forming a map that revealed a new path. Since the Corridors of Time are difficult to navigate, figuring out the correct pathways proved to be an arduous and intricate process. Destiny 2 streamer Gladd played a huge part in cataloging it all, however, making things easier for players tuned into his Twitch stream and those following along on social media.

While the community seemed pretty thankful for Gladd's role in getting things solved, Bungie was a bit more concerned about the streamer's health. As a result, Gladd had a few entertaining interactions with Bungie on social media, as the developer tried to enlist players to bombard the streamer with requests to get some sleep. With the puzzle now at an end, Gladd should be able to get some well-deserved shut-eye!


The Corridors of Time have played a major role in the Season of Time expansion. At the start of the expansion, players needed to go to the interdimensional gateway in order to save the previously deceased Saint-14. The new quest, however, had players exploring the area on another mission for Osiris, in order to discover its secrets. In addition to the new Bastion weapon, players also received quite a bit of new information about the game's world.

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