Destiny 2 Strike-Specific Loot is on the Way

Destiny 2 players had a huge update from Bungie to kick off the year, namely in response to all of [...]


Destiny 2 players had a huge update from Bungie to kick off the year, namely in response to all of the recent controversy regarding pay walls, lack of post-game content, and simple reshaders. To adapt to the growing demand for transparency, Bungie let fans in on what 2018 has in store for the entire year and cleared up a few misconceptions as well.

Many veteran Destiny players were upset that many of the aspects of the first shooter were lost in translation during development of the sequel. Though Bungie did deliver on their promise of an in-depth narrative, something that was a huge gripe during the first game until later expansions, apparently it was at a sacrifice of some of the more beloved features. Bungie is now working to ease that distress a little bit and make the second Destiny game one that newbies and veterans alike can enjoy. One of those ideas in mind to do just that is to bring strike-specific drops back to the game.

The director has also been much more open in the new year with addressing one on one player feedback, now that the big reveal is out of the way. When one player asked about the themed drops, Christopher Barrett had this to say:

This would be a fantastic move given that a huge complaint isn't there really isn't a drive to grind like the first game had. Whereas the first title, players would play hours away in hopes for specific armor and gear, whereas Destiny 2 is really just random and re-skins. Because of this, their promise to "bridge the gap" between the two titles would definitely see this as a solid step in the right direction, giving players a reason to keep going back into the world that Bungie has created outside of each time a big expansion hits.

For now, Destiny 2 is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 with the Crimson Days event coming up this February!