Destiny 2 Trailer Previews New Map's Features

A new trailer for Destiny 2 was recently released that details some of the most important parts of the game's new map.

The map in question isn't the live world that players will be traversing once the game's released, but rather it's the literal map that's pulled up to show points of interest and other important functions. Described as "your new best friend" in the trailer shown above, the newly designed map certainly does look like it'll be invaluable for players hoping to keep their bearings.

When pulling up the map, players can see a collection of milestones to the left of the map that keeps them on target for various progress points such as completing quests and strikes. Gear and other incentives are also listed alongside the milestones to allow players to prioritize what they want to go after first when organizing their endeavors.

From patrols to public events to various other adventures, the new map allows players to keep track of multiple events before they begin and while they're ongoing. And when it comes to dropping in on those events quicker, Destiny 2 has also made improvements there as well to allow players to get into the action as soon as possible.

One of the biggest changes that's included with the new map is the improvements to the fast travel system. Players won't have to return to orbit any longer every time that they want to fast travel. Instead, Destiny 2 owners will be able to fast travel to other landing zones that are within the area, a change that'll streamline adventuring and speed up the action even more.


The trailer was released via PlayStation's YouTube channel today where each feature of the map was shown. Outside of the new features, the map's detail in terms of terrain also makes the map look way better while avoiding too much clutter from additional features.

The game has had quite a bit of content previewed leading up to the title's upcoming release, and more insights will likely come closer now that the game will soon be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Sept. 5 while PC players will have to wait until Oct. 24.