'Destiny 2' Trials of the Nine Update Draws Major Backlash

Bungie has officially announced the next step for Destiny 2 and though many players are excited to see what the studio comes up with following their emancipation from Activision, some are not pleased with their recent decision regarding Trials.

Trials of the Nine was a beloved PvP feature in the game that was put on a temporary hold last year in order to make many of the player-requested improvements. Though they are still tinkering out the details, Bungie did confirm that the new Trials of the Nine will definitively not be like the first game's Trials of Osiris. While disappointing, it was the news that Trials will be "staying on hiatus indefinitely and will not return over the course of the next few seasons" that had fans upset.

One Destiny 2 fan took to Reddit to air out their greivances and it quickly gained traction within the player-base. "I love Bungie and Destiny (and I defended them throughout all of year 1), but with all the issues above, and the looming threat of being independent after the support from VV and High moon after penumbra, I have serious concerns for the future of the franchise and their ability to deliver," user 'JaymDubbs' said in his post. "This drip feed method of DLC isn't working either and they have the support of two other studios!"

As for the "issues above" mentioned, he included:

  • No trials until at least after September (since its worded next few seasons) - I'd like to remind everyone this is a piece of vanilla D2 content they have taken away and not replaced
  • No faction rallies or updates about it (again, vanilla D2 content that has been taken away)
  • Lack of communication, updates and SILENCE around the current state of competitive (or crucible in general)
  • Lack of vendor gear refreshes that were provided to us in Year 1 (vanguard, crucible, gambit) that were stealthily removed when it all shifted to Forsaken. Again, content/expectations from Year 1 that were not communicated in year 2
  • Not having Y1 armor updated to Y2 standards, diluting the loot pool making all the gear we earned and paied for in Y1 obsolete (including Eververse items)
  • Less than 3 weeks away from the new season with NO details on what's changing
  • Assuming the season and joker's wild are a week apart, less than 4 weeks away from the new DLC with NO details
  • Crucible Labs ...what is that?
  • Exotic drop rates still an issue for many
  • Catalysts all but abandoned
  • No strike loot - the nightfall rewards are a joke compared to D1
  • Complete regression on dev interactions from last year (Chris Barrett, Hamrick, Crucible team, etc.). Remember when we actually heard from them all ? Remember the development vids of the exotic tuning passes? Remember Hamrick saying more frequent patches/sandbox updates when actions show the direct opposite?

They also called out the lack of transparency, bringing studios like Ubisoft, Respawn, and BioWare when discussing how to connect with the community. From the above rant, the full version you can see here, it looks like it's not so much of the Trials themselves that's the issue, but the vague shoveoffs that have fans upset.

Bungie has been known for being incredible active through their social media channels, so we are hoping for an official statement soon regarding what fans are worried most about.