Destiny 2 Xur Location And Exotic Gear - At Least Warlocks Will Be Happy

It's that time for the illusive Xur to move his shady business elsewhere within the worlds of [...]

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It's that time for the illusive Xur to move his shady business elsewhere within the worlds of Destiny 2. With Curse of Osiris on the horizon bringing with it Season 2, many players have solid reasons to get back into the game and test their Guardian's might once more. But before the new events kick off, the mysterious Xur still has wares if you have Legendary Shards.

As a new week makes its turn, Xur returns to The Rig Zone on Titan. For players looking to see what he's got in stock this week, simply fast travel to The Rig and head towards the Northwest. The sought after merchant will be hidden away in the second area beneath the large platform. So we know where he is, but are this week's supplies worth it?

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If you're a Warlock; yes. Other classes, there is still something for you but it's not "the best of the best". That being said, you might just be looking for one of things offered, so let's break it down.

Exotic Armor:

  • Hunters - Lucky Raspberry Chest Piece
    • Handle for those looking to take part in the crucible
    • Increases chain abilities
  • Titans - Synthoceps Gauntlets
    • Buffs players' lunge abilities
    • Area damage increased
    • Great for PvP
  • Warlocks - Karnstein Armlets
    • Health regeneration upon melee landings
    • Recharge buff

Exotic Weaponry:

  • Destiny 1 Hard Light Auto Rifle
    • Fast rate of fire
    • Will not stack up well against higher level rifles

It may not be the strongest week for Xur, but the chest piece and the gauntlets can definitely be seen as worth it for those looking for different gear. Regardless of which class you favour, Xur is definitely ready to take those Legendary shards from you.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Curse of Osiris will be launching on December 5th, bringing with it season 2 and the beloved Heroic Strikes from the first game.