Bungie Indirectly Hints at Destiny 3 Release Date

It doesn't look like Bungie is releasing Destiny 3 anytime soon, which seemingly confirms we won't be seeing the next installment of the looter-shooter on PS4 or Xbox One, but it probably means we'll be seeing it on PS5 and Xbox Series. In a new post on the developer's official website, Bungie roughly outlined its plans for 2020, and there's nothing in said outline that suggests Destiny 3 is part of the studio's plans for this year.

According to the post, the focus of 2020, and even 2021, is Destiny 2. More specifically, the team is hoping to do a better job of enabling players to set short, medium, or long-term goals to work towards.

"In Destiny 2, aspiration is what keeps our game alive," reads the post. "It is the air that fills its lungs, it is the breath that gives the game meaning. Aspiration can be about entering Destiny 2 for the first time and feeling the potential of what you could become. It can be about the pursuits in front of you. Or it can also be PVP players looking over the horizon and seeing the Lighthouse and its treasures awaiting them – if they pass The Trials."

The post continues:

"Aspiration isn't something reserved for the elite or the engaged; it's for everyone (although when I listen to players express the feeling that, "There's so much to do and none of it matters," I feel that pain). It's about the potential of a game to be more than something that just fills your time. It's about having goals and working toward something that matters to you. I'm not so naïve as to think we can make something that matters to everyone – we all have different values, goals, and time. But I do think Destiny 2 can do a better job of enabling players to set short-, medium-, and long-term goals to work toward."

The post notes that Bungie started thinking about aspiration and what' missing from Destiny 2 last year.

"The gaping, burning-eye-shaped hole is something I'd felt since we set Trials aside early in D2. Its return is part of a bigger goal for Destiny moving into 2020 and beyond: we need to refuel aspiration in Destiny 2," adds the post.


There's no direction mention of a new installment, which again suggests we won't be seeing the third game in the series this year.