Destroy All Humans E3 Reveal Now Appears Unlikely

Earlier this month, a report surfaced claiming that a new Destroy All Humans would be revealed by [...]

Earlier this month, a report surfaced claiming that a new Destroy All Humans would be revealed by THQ Nordic next month at E3 2019. And this seemed to line-up with the earlier news that THQ Nordic had two unannounced games to reveal at E3: one being a "new vision" for a franchise of its and the other being a "long-awaited return of a galatically beloved game/franchise." The latter particularly sounded like it could be for a new Destroy All Humans, but it also sounded like it could be for a new Red Faction. But then this report surfaced, suggesting the former game was a new Darksiders while the latter was indeed a new Destroy All Humans. But it looks like this is only half true.

Yesterday, E3 Coliseum accidentally confirmed that a new Darksiders would be revealed at E3. And this is certainly the "new vision" game because E3 Coliseum noted said Darksiders title would "take the franchise in a new direction." Meanwhile, a day earlier, a new Red Faction leaked, courtesy of Nvidia. It's called Red Faction Evolution, and it's certainly the "long-awaited return of a galtically beloved game/franchise."

In other words, it doesn't look like a new Destroy All Humans will be revealed at E3. That said, there's still hope. For one, it's very possible there's a new Destroy All Humans in development, it's just not ready to be revealed at E3 next month. Two, there's always the chance it will be revealed next week before the show kicks off, but that seems highly unlikely. Alas, it seems we are going to have to wait a bit longer for the zany series from yesteryear to return.

While Darksiders and Red Faction are certainly among THQ Nordic's biggest franchises, I'm not sure they will make the splash that a new Destroy All Humans would. We just got a new Darksiders last year, and while people like Red Faction, it's not the cult classic that Destroy All Humans is. When the report mentioned at the top first broke, a lot of people lost their minds. I'm not sure where all of this love and demand for Destroy All Humans came from, but it's certainly there and building.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What would you rather have: a new Darksiders, a new Red Faction, or a new Destroy All Humans?