Detective Pikachu's Ryan Reynolds Explains Why He Got Cast as Pikachu

It is no secret at this point that Ryan Reynolds, perhaps best known at this point for his R-rated [...]

It is no secret at this point that Ryan Reynolds, perhaps best known at this point for his R-rated take on Marvel's Deadpool, provides the voice for Detective Pikachu in the upcoming live-action film of the same name. While the initial reveal of the casting might have left some folks scratching their heads, the actual performance in trailers (and screenings) thus far has changed a number of hearts and minds. At this point, it's clear Reynold's quick-witted, sarcastic performance fits the character well, but how much of that is the character being molded around him and how much of that was already existent? We decided to ask.

While at the recent premiere of Detective Pikachu in Tokyo,'s Megan Peters got the chance to interview Reynolds about all things Pokemon. When asked exactly how much of an influence he had on the personality of Pikachu, what with him being a mouthy, coffee-chugging electric rodent, Reynolds was clear that he felt it was partly why he was cast in the first place.

"I think they hired me for some of that," Reynolds said. "A whole bunch of us took passes at the script -- I also took a pass at the script. We all got to kind of shape it the way we wanted; I got to make sure the voice sort of worked the way I think it could work for me. Inevitably, I'm at the mercy of the filmmakers."

You can watch the full interview in the video above! While it's intended to be viewable by those that want to avoid spoilers, there's a chance some answers could be construed as spoilers -- so be careful if you're trying to go into the movie blind.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is scheduled to release in theaters on May 10th.


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