'Devil May Cry 5' and Other Capcom Neon Signs Will Light Up Your Game Room

Let’s say that you’re trying to create your ideal game room or man cave (or woman cave -- yes, [...]

Let's say that you're trying to create your ideal game room or man cave (or woman cave -- yes, they exist), and you want that signature touch that really makes it stand out from the others. Well, how about a neon Devil May Cry sign to go along with the fifth chapter in the series coming next year?

Devil May Cry
(Photo: Neon Creations)

Capcom has announced that it has teamed up with a company called Neon Creations to put together a series of neat neon signs based on a variety of its franchises, including Street Fighter and Devil May Cry. You can see a sample of these signs in the tweet below:

Here's the description of what's being offered, per Neon Creations' official page:

"Neon Creations are delighted to announce that we are licensed to produce neon and LED lighting for Capcom, for the Street Fighter and Devil May Cry games. Images below are of sample products, and actual products for sale may vary slightly. Please register your interest in any of these designs, prior to their launch, by using our contact form, and we can provide you with further information. Further designs and limited edition pieces coming soon."

But before you go nuts and try to order your own, there are two things.

First off, Neon Creations only current ships to certain parts of Europe and the UK. There's a slight chance we could see this expand into the U.S. closer to Devil May Cry 5's release, but don't hold your breath in the meantime.

And secondly, here's how pricing stands for the signs. And, yep, they're expensive:

Devil May Cry – Blue Neon Sign – 1020mm (w) x 470mm (h) – £1,035

Devil May Cry – Pink Neon Sign – 1220mm (w) x 320mm (h) – £945

Devil May Cry 5 – Printed LED Light Tile – 600mm (w) – £525

Street Fighter 2 – Printed LED Light Tile – 600mm (w) – £480

HADOKEN – Blue Neon Sign – 685mm (w) x 500mm (h) – £795

You can see pictures of the signs here, and, yep, we definitely want them for our game room. But we'll have to see what becomes available in the months ahead. However, if you're in the UK and want to make an inquiry, click the link above.

Devil May Cry 5 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC starting on March 8, 2019.