Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

Capcom has revealed that the previously announced Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch port will arrive [...]

Capcom has revealed that the previously announced Devil May Cry Nintendo Switch port will arrive -- via the Nintendo eShop -- on June 24 in the west and on June 26 in Japan. It will cost $19.99 USD, and will support English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and German at launch. Interestingly, there's still no word of Devil May Cry 2 or Devil May Cry 3 or any other Devil May Cry ports, but presumably, if this one does well enough, more will follow. Or, at least, that's what I hope Capcom's plan is.

At the moment, it's also unclear what type of performance Switch users can look forward to. The game is 60 FPS on other systems, but the Nintendo Switch is a bit weaker so maybe it will be bumped down to 30 FPS.

"Legends tell of a demon swordsman named Sparda, who awoke to justice and rebelled against the devil, waging a one-man support of the human world. Now, 2,000 years later, a dark figure named Dante–private investigator of the supernatural–finds clues that the devil is rallying to rise up again against mankind. By Dante's demon blood, you enter this dark realm of demonic marionettes, unearthly phantoms, grim reapers, and other retched souls. Transform to a demon state to inflict devastating attacks on enemies in this gothic battle of good against evil."

As you may know, this year a brand-new Devil May Cry released -- Devil May Cry 5 -- and it's one of the best entries in the series to date.

"Devil May Cry 5 brings back the familiar devil that we know in a way we've never seen him before: older and vulnerable. Because of this new outlook, the latest game in the franchise offers players a chance to take on a demon-invested world once more through different eyes," reads a snippet from our review.

"What makes Devil May Cry 5 such a delight for longtime fans is that it genuinely feels like a Devil May Cry game. The previous DMC was hit or miss with fans, but the classic combat style mixed in with new moves and a killer soundtrack reminded me why I fell in love with Dante and this incredible world to begin with. For those that have followed this series from the start, Devil May Cry 5 will not disappoint."