Devil May Cry Director Says New Game is Almost Complete

(Photo: Capcom)

As if Capcom wasn't already planning a jam-packed 2018, it looks like one more major title might see the light of day, continuing the Devil May Cry franchise on console again. Hideaki Itsuno, who directed Devil May Cry 2, 3, and 4, announced today on Twitter that his latest project in development is reaching its completion. Check out the tweet below:

Rumors have been circulating around the creation of a new Devil May Cry game, fueled by the recent release of a new mobile title as well as a very interesting leak last month. The leak alleged that not only was the game near completion, it was also ready with a release date and had a trailer prepare for release. Characters like Nero, Dante and Vergil are being rumored as playable, and familiar faces like Trish will be making their way back into the saga, if the leak itself is true. There's no way to tell if any of that is really true, but with Itsuno chiming in, things are starting to seem at least a little more likely.

Capcom hasn't been shying away from Dante's witchy counterpart, Bayonetta, either, but while both franchises have been given attention as of recent, it still seems more likely that an Itsuno-led game would be another DMC title.


This is, of course, just guesswork based on what's been revealed over the past few months, but with another new story possibly being told in the upcoming mobile game -- releasing exclusively for the Chinese market, sigh -- one can hope that another one will make its way to console in the near future.