Devolver Digital And Twitch Team Up For Sunday Night E3 Showcase

A few folks were wondering as to why Bethesda would be hosting a press conference so late during [...]


A few folks were wondering as to why Bethesda would be hosting a press conference so late during the week of the Electronic Entertainment Expo – it's currently scheduled for Sunday night at 9 PM PDT. But they've got nothing on Devolver Digital, who will be going even later with its forthcoming presentation.

The company confirmed last month that it would be hosting its own E3 press conference this year, and today we've got the official details on when it will be taking place. The Devolver "Mega Press Conference" will be held Sunday, June 11th at 10 PM PDT – yep, even later than the Bethesda showcase.

On top of that, there will be even another show that takes place right after Devolver's press conference, meaning there will be even more late gaming stuff happening on Sunday night. A Twitch E3 2017 Pre-Pre Show will be aired right after the press conference, which will go "all-night," according to the company's event description. It'll feature new gameplay exclusives from a number of companies, including Raw Fury Games, Sega, Adult Swim and more – which means we could get a new glimpse at titles like Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania and Toejam & Earl, amongst others.

On top of that, the presentation will also include some classic movies featuring the commentary of the creators, including a screening of the Troma classic Sgy. Kabukiman NYPD and CineCoup's WolfCop, as well as appearances by various Twitch talent, such as DonFubar and Jon Carnage.

So it sounds like, between Devolver Digital and Twitch, Sunday may very well be the busiest night before E3. We'll bring you any breaking coverage of what gets revealed between Devolver Digital and the companies attending the Twitch Pre-Pre Party beforehand. And, of course, we'll be cheering on WolfCop, because, well, that's what you do.

As far as what Devolver will have on hand, they didn't say specifically, but we'll more than likely see more Absolver, featuring epic combat. The publisher also noted that we'll see one of its forthcoming titles announced tomorrow – and hopefully it'll be something in the Serious Sam line-up. Please?