Diablo Creator David Brevik Reveals His New Game

Diablo creator, and all around cool guy, David Brevik recently revealed his upcoming game It Lurks [...]


Diablo creator, and all around cool guy, David Brevik recently revealed his upcoming game It Lurks Below. The new game stays true to the mechanics has is known for, with its action-RPG mechanics and overall setup. But this isn't some major corporate title - this is something Brevik did all on his own making it even more impressive and a great way for fans of his to support him!

Brevik recently spoke to Polygon to dive deep into the dungeon-diving mechanics and what fans can expect from the upcoming title:

"I wanted more of a point to a lot of those games," Brevik told them. "I wanted to make an RPG, with classes and leveling up, random items, where you get more and more powerful as you go down into the core of the world and fight baddies."

(Photo: Graybeard Games)

The roguelike title is the perfect blend of what he himself likes to play, according to the creator. Randomized monsters, collectible loot - he calls it "random built on random" to keep gameplay fresh and players plugged in.

When discussing the art of the game and why the retro feel, "That was the most difficult thing for me, because I'm not much of an artist," Brevik said. "It's definitely got a pixel retro kind of feel to it ... I've tried to make it as dark and creepy as I can ... creepy atmosphere and lighting." Brevik said that the game's art "took me the longest amount of time, but as I've gone along, I've gotten better and better at pixel art and animations."

According to the Graybeard himself, the game's fighting mechanics will put the "basically guns" wands into the player's hands, allowing they to fight their way through the varying environments, while fighting off against uniquely spawned monsters inspired by the foe mechanics seen in his Diablo game. As far as the game itself goes, it's looking at a 2018 launch on Steam, though a specific date has not been given at this time. That being said, a closed beta will be available this coming weekend, but the catch is that it will only be available to 200 hundred players. To learn why, and chances of getting in, you can check out his livestream here for more details.

He promises to be incredibly involved in the community, listening to player feedback and creating a safe environment for interaction between himself, the game, and the players. His upcoming stream of It Lurks Below begins on Friday, February 2nd at 2 PM PT.