Diablo III Set To Get Challenge Rifts Soon

There’s a lot happening in the world of Diablo III at the moment, especially with the [...]

There's a lot happening in the world of Diablo III at the moment, especially with the introduction of the new Necromancer class. But Blizzard has more planned for it than you might expect.

The company has announced that Challenge Rifts will be coming to the game, with a video explaining what they're all about, which can be seen above. But let's break it down for you here as well.

Remember Greater Rifts? Challenge Rifts essentially work as a smaller version of those. In order to set up a Challenge Rift, Blizzard will offer a number of Greater Rift runs from player's accounts, and set up snapshots with that character, including items, paragon levels, gear and skills, for everyone to try out.

These will be available starting every Monday within the game, and everything from that player's run will be included, such as enemies, dungeons and pylons, with no changes. Players will then be challenged to complete and perhaps even surpass this original player's time through this particular section of the game, and those that do will be sweetly rewarded for their troubles, scoring a weekly satchel filled with Blood Shards, along with a variety of materials that can be used for crafting.

"Builds are selected from live players, so you might get something totally different than the builds you're used to seeing on fansites or your favorite streamer's channel," the company noted in a press release. "A build from the start of a Season might be a mix of the first Legendaries someone happened to find, and you may need to capitalize on the effects of items or abilities you're not used to using.

"Regardless of how the build came together, it's the same set of tools every player in the Challenge Rift will be using—this puts every player on a level playing field, so you'll play alongside the best in the world no matter your experience!"

It's unknown if the Rifts are just for the PC version at this time, or coming to the console versions as well. We'll more than likely find out when next week rolls around, when they'll be introduced as part of the 2.6.0 update.

Diablo III is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There are versions also available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though they likely won't be getting this content.