Diablo Immortal Has Already Made Over $100 Million on Mobile Alone

Diablo Immortal is without a doubt one of the most controversial games of 2022. Even though Blizzard Entertainment was largely able to create a solid Diablo experience for mobile platforms, Immortal has been under fire since its launch due to how the game implements in-game transactions. And despite this backlash, it looks like that hasn't prevented Diablo Immortal from raking in a staggering amount of money already. 

According to SensorTower, Diablo Immortal has already brought in a staggering $100 million in total. Despite being free-to-play, the latest Diablo title has become one of the fastest games ever to reach this sales threshold. In fact, Diablo Immortal was able to bring in even more money than that of Fortnite back when it was first released on mobile platforms. The only game that made $100 million more quickly was Pokemon Go, which brought in this revenue in a staggering two weeks. 

It's also worth stressing that this money that Diablo Immortal has made doesn't even account for the game's PC version. Instead, these profits only stem from the iOS and Android iterations of the game. Although the money generated from the PC version likely won't come to light any time soon, the game has surely made somewhere close to $150 million total. 

In short, this whole situation just goes to show that Blizzard is no doubt thrilled with how Diablo Immortal has been performing. Even though the game has been getting routinely blasted online for how it implements in-game purchases, the fact that Blizzard has already been able to make this much money from the title shows that it's working exactly as intended. Sadly, this also means that the monetization practices in Diablo Immortal likely won't be changing any time soon. So if you're someone who has already been upset with how the game uses microtransactions, I wouldn't expect any overhauls to this aspect of the title in the near future. 

Does it discourage you to hear that Diablo Immortal has been a massive success for Blizzard? And do you think we're bound to get even more games like this in the future? Let me know either down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.