Here's Your First Look At Digimon Survive

digimon survive
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

As promised, Bandai Namco have delivered a plethora of Digimon Survive media and details during its "Digimon Thanksgiving 2018" livestream.

More specifically, Bandai Namco has revealed the game's first-ever teaser trailer, its first-ever look at gameplay, and even threw in a few new details about the game.

First, the new details. As we previously knew, players will play as Takuma Momotsuka, who has been mysteriously transported from camp to a strange world, where he, his partner Digimon Agumon, and others must survive in order to find a way back home. We also previously knew the game would be choice heavy, and that the story and its multiple endings would evolve and revolve around said choices. The new details is that some of the game's characters can actually die over the course of the game due to certain decisions, which seems to suggest Digimon Survive is true to the “your choices matter” pitch, unlike many other games.

We also now know that the game will have about 100 playable Digimon, so not as many as some other Digimon games, but quite a few. And that's about all the new details we got. Now, if that doesn't satiate your Digimon details need, then be sure to check out our previous article covering the game's announcement for more.

As mentioned above, there's also a trio of new media, all of which you can watch below (courtesy of Giuseppe's Gaming).

As you can see the game's combat is similar to turn-based strategy RPGs, such as The Banner Saga or Final Fantasy Tactics, while the “story” parts also look pretty similar to The Banner Saga. And if you're going to try to sell me on this game that it's Banner Saga but with Digimon, I'm 1000 percent down.


Digimon Survive is in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and is poised to hit sometime next year in Japan. At the moment, there is no word of a western release, but going off the last few Digimon game releases, the question isn't IF the game is coming west, it's a matter of WHEN.

Incidentally, during the live stream Bandai Namco also re-confirmed that a new, more traditional Digimon Story game is in the works.