Metal Gear Survive Beta on PS4 Pro Compared to the Xbox One X

For those techie lovers out there like us that are curious about how different technologies run, [...]

For those techie lovers out there like us that are curious about how different technologies run, seeing comparisons can be a really interesting experience. With the Metal Gear Survive beta launched, the two powerhouse consoles on the market right now are both sharing the survival experience. But which platform runs better? Is it the Xbox One X, that boasts to be the most powerful console on the market? Or is it the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is incredibly impressive in its own right.

Digital Foundry has just released a new video comparing the two in the name of science. Keep in mind, this is not the final product - this is beta test footage. That means that it is not a final reflection on how the game will run, or look, when it launches at a later date.

Graphics aside, the test in the video above does show that the Xbox One X load times were longer, with more players booted than on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Is that a reflection on the hardware? Well, no. Betas are meant to stress test servers and iron out any kinks before launch and that's just what this did. That being said, the PlayStation 4 Pro launched a match within seconds, though Digital Foundry did note that the Xbox and PS4 versions of the game were at different stages in development, which can make a huge difference.

Given that the specific engine used for this game was built with the PlayStation powerhouse in mind, it's no surprise that Digital Foundry ranked the PlayStation 4 Pro as the winner of this comparison. Both looked great, but after the full breakdown - the Sony platform was declared the winner.

Metal Gear Survive will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam on February 20th. For more about the game:

Metal Gear Survive builds upon Metal Gear V'S enduring stealth action gameplay while introducing the new elements of exploration and survival to create a bold new experience.

Metal Gear Survive is a spin off from the main Metal Gear V story that takes place in a strange alternative universe. Create your own character and learn to survive. Scavenge resources, craft weapons, build a base camp and explore the unknown while developing the survival skills necessary in this hostile environment.

In CO-OP mode, assemble a team of four players to infiltrate and defend areas from hordes of creatures. Place fortifications and defensive weapons strategically to give you an advantage against ever intensifying enemies. Team work and resourcefulness are key in these fast paced co-op missions.