Digital Game Sales On The Rise, According To SuperData

We’re starting to see some of the sales numbers come in for December, and there’s no question [...]

Call of Duty WWII

We're starting to see some of the sales numbers come in for December, and there's no question that video games continued to be a hot commodity, especially considering the holidays were a pretty big part of it.

SuperData just released a new report explaining just how popular games have become for the month, especially on the digital front. According to the company, the worldwide digital revenues for games actually jumped 17 percent over the previous year, totaling nearly $10 billion. This is between the PC, console and mobile markets alike, with a ton of offerings for gamers to choose from.

The PC market attained the most from sales, with a 28 percent increase from the previous year, but consoles were close behind with a 27 percent boost. Mobile also did pretty good, with a 15 percent increase over 2016's numbers.

The firm also noted specific games being huge successes for the month. For example, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds did excellent on the Xbox One. Despite glitches and performance issues, the game managed to sell two million copies within the month. And its main competitor, Epic Games' Fortnite, also did incredible, grossing $89 million in its own right.

SuperData also noted the fine performance of Call of Duty: WWII, which managed to set a new record for the most digital unit sales of a console title in a single quarter, adding to its impressive ten million copies sold. And even though it's been on the market for years, Grand Theft Auto Online, as part of Grand Theft Auto V, also performed admirably, with a record month of revenue, the first of its kind since June 2017.

Physical sales weren't counted just yet, but with the end of the month nearing, we're likely to see more numbers that explain just what sold where, and how much of an impact digital sales truly made. That'll make for an interesting sales year with 2018, as more developers consider shifting over to the digital market – though some gamers obviously still prefer physical copies of games, if only to boast about their growing collection.

We'll let you know what other sales numbers come up over the course of the next few weeks.