Dinosaur Games Reveals Jet Set Radio Concepts For a Rejected Game

(Photo: Dinosaur Games)

A new ArtStation entry by Dinosaur Games shows off detailed concepts for characters and settings from a rejected pitch for a new Jet Set Radio game called Jet Set Radio Evolution. This initial pitch, which included the visual proof of concept shown below, was given to Sony some time after GDC when the Playstation giant expressed interest in a new entry to the franchise. Check out the video below:

"We made this Visual Proof of Concept after Sony expressed interest in seeing the characters in motion at GDC 2017," the ArtStation entry states. "We spent a week animating and building the city for this presentation which was ultimately turned down by Sega … This was the first step towards a gameplay demo. If Sega was interested we were going to invest in making a functioning prototype."

The full post contains concepts and builds for Gum, Beat, a few different vehicles, and the Rokkaku Robot. Two character model videos feature colorful and updated designs for Beat and Gum.

Dinosaur Games' Jesse Sosa explained on Twitter that the developers were never given a real reason why the game was rejected.

At the very least, it looks like that's what Sony might be aiming for. This isn't the first time a pitch for the franchise has been requested and turned down: Twitter user SEGAbits pointed out in the same thread that a previous pitch for the Wii was also canned.


Originally released on the Dreamcast in 2000 (as Jet Grind Radio here in the US), Jet Set Radio has one sequel, Jet Set Radio Future. While the game's heroes have been featured in other Sega titles, no major follow-up games have been announced yet.