Director Hideki Kamiya Speaks His Mind On The Devil May Cry Games

It’s not often you hear directors talk about a series that they worked on – well, on games [...]


It's not often you hear directors talk about a series that they worked on – well, on games they didn't have any involvement with, anyway. But Hideki Kamiya, who worked on the original Devil May Cry and Resident Evil 2 while working with Capcom, decided to sound off on two of the latest games in the DMC series – just because he could.

A fan by the name of Resonmon decided to ask Kamiya on Twitter about his thoughts on Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4, even though he wasn't directly involved with them.

Surprisingly enough, Kamiya responded, noting that Devil May Cry 3 had a "nice scenario" in terms of how it was set up. However, that doesn't mean his comments were entirely positive, especially when it came to Devil May Cry 4.

In case you may have forgotten, part four had a dice game that a few fans weren't exactly crazy about. And Kamiya was right there with them. "Dice thing is SHIT," he noted.

The dice game in question comes up during chapters 6 and 19 within that sequel, in which Nero has to roll a dice in order to move the "other self" around in particular parts of the stage. While moving this "self" around different platforms, Nero still has to fend off against enemies and other obstacles.

The problem is this stage was very unfair, and a lot of fans couldn't help but note that. But there is one particular way where Dante can actually chop up the dice block and exit the mini-game, which is actually a bit of a welcome relief.

We haven't seen too much from the Devil May Cry series as of late. The DmC: Definitive Edition did come out for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 awhile back, and Dante did make his return in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite as a playable character, so it's still fresh on Capcom's mind.

As for Kamiya, he's quite busy with The Evil Within 2, a sequel that definitely goes miles ahead of the original. It's available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC – and well worth it in time for Halloween.