Discless Xbox One Rumored to Release in May

Microsoft is rumored to release a new, discless Xbox One console called the "Xbox One S All-Digital Edition" that new reports say will be available as early as May.

A discless Xbox One S console codenamed Xbox Maverick has been one of several projects Microsoft is rumored to be working on among other names like Anaconda, Scarlet, and Lockhart, but a new report from Windows Central suggests the Maverick now has an official name and a release window. Windows Central reported that the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is the name Microsoft will use for the discless console and that the company will begin accepting pre-orders for the device in mid-April of this year. The console's expected to be released and widely available in May with the reports suggesting that it'll be a "near-global simultaneous launch" across Xbox markets.

The image below was also shared by Windows Central to give an idea of what this discless console might look like.

Discless Xbox One
(Photo: Windows Central)

Talks of a discless Xbox One console have circulated for a while amid other rumors about the specifications of Microsoft's rumored projects. Some rumors have suggested one or more of these devices might be revealed during E3 this year following Xbox's announcement that it still plans to attend the big event and has a lot in store. That teaser followed Sony's announcement that it would be skipping E3 2019.

A discless console from Microsoft would mirror a growing trend of people preferring digital game releases over physical products with the former proving to be a convenient option, so long as people have the storage space to accommodate those games. Microsoft has also been expanding upon its Xbox Game Pass feature that boasts a growing library of games available through a subscription service with new first-party games being added immediately to the catalog upon release.

No official release date or pricing information is known yet for the rumored console seeing how it hasn't even been officially announced yet, though as Windows Central suggested, the lack of a disc drive should drop the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to a lower price than other Xbox One devices.



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