Discord Expresses Interest In Working With Nintendo For Voice Chat


Like TeamSpeak before it, Discord has completely taken over in terms of game chat. The application is an awesome way for players to have set game groups, voice, video, and text chat, organise online play, and more. Fantastically simple, but with a flare that's easy to customise, it's no wonder that Discord has only continued to grow since its earlier launch. With the Nintendo Switch decidedly lacking in the voice chat department - could we be seeing a partnership in the works? Discord certainly would like to see that happen.

Discord Founder Jason Citron sat down with Glixel to express his desire to offer a Nintendo chat system through the use of his team, “I have thought about the Switch. I have spent many hundreds of hours of my life in that little screen. If Nintendo wants us to power their voice chat, we’d be happy to talk.”

When asked about what Discord has to offer, and how to describe it to those unfamiliar with the service - he mentioned a unique treehouse comparison:

“The core idea was about small communities,” Citron tells Glixel. “The way we think about it is a treehouse in the backyard where you and your friends hang out. When you play online with friends, you will often invite someone in for a raid that you don’t know, but then you want to kick them off when you’re done. Also, you want it to be safe, where they can’t see all of your stuff.”

Currently Discord has a whopping 87 million registered users (and counting), with 1.5 million new years every week. They even house official servers for popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft. It will be interesting to see this partnership come to fruition, if it does at all. Many fans of the hybrid console have been clamoring for this capability being added to the Switch, with the huge title line-up set for 2018 - now is definitely the time to get started!