Dishonored Series Is Not on Hold, Says Arkane

The Dishonored series' original story is complete, but the franchise itself is not on hold, according to Arkane Studios co-creative director Dinga Bakaba. This is, of course, in direct contradiction to a widely circulated quote from Arkane Studios lead level designer Ricardo Bare from 2018 where Bare had said that the series was "resting for now." According to Bakaba, Bare's quote was interpreted in a way that it wasn't meant.

"It's weird because for us as a studio, we never did a sequel to a game we made before,” Bakaba said in a recent interview with IGN Middle East. “It was interesting to make and everything, but the rumors of putting the IP on hold was highly exaggerated and was misquoted."

"You know, it’s not necessarily the same thing when you are talking about what could be done, and you are telling a journalist it’s not what we are doing right now," Bakaba continued. "It’s really not the same thing. So, I don’t think there was a decision to put Dishonored series on hold. I think the initial quote was over interpreted."

The full interview is worth a look as Bakaba goes on to explain that Arkane will never be a studio all about one game, and while the story of the Kaldwins and the Outsider might be over and done with, that doesn't prevent the developer from returning to the series ever again. It seems like it just won't be that exact story.


Arkane Studios' latest efforts have been in supportive roles on games like Wolfenstein: Youngblood, with the latest standalone game from the developer itself being 2017's Prey. Arkane Lyon announced a new video game, Deathloop, at 2019's E3, though not much has been heard about it since. The latest and greatest Dishonored video game from Arkane Studios, Dishonored 2, is currently available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Notably, a tabletop game based on the franchise released this year from Modiphius. You can check out all of our previous coverage of tabletop gaming right here.

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