Disney Dreamlight Valley Players Get a Perfect Apology Gift

Disney Dreamlight Valley has had a relatively smooth launch compared to some other online games, but that doesn't mean it was without issues. Infinite loading screens and problems with specific features were among some of the issues tracked, but players who stuck it out through those setbacks are getting the perfect reward: free Moonstones. Free Moonstones – the game's premium currency – are good in any context, but in this case, the deal is even better since players are getting 2,500 Moonstones which is exactly what's needed to buy the game's battle pass.

The apology gift for the issues the game faced surrounding its launch was announced on the game's socials this week. Gameloft said that come Monday, players would be getting 2,500 Moonstones. The tweets about the topic also reminded players that this just so happens to be exactly the amount that players need to purchase the battle pass known as the "Star Path" should that be  how you choose to spend them.

"As a show of appreciation for your patience as we've worked through a variety of issues since Early Access launch, we will be sending all players 2,500 Moonstones on Monday!" Gameloft said about the gift.

As the tweets mentioned in the thread, players can either spend them now on the current Star Path that'll be ending later this month or can save them for the next one. If you're not playing Disney Dreamlight Valley a ton right now due to everything else that's coming out and feel like you might play more once the next Star Path releases, you'd probably be better off saving the Moonstones till then. It's possible to earn enough Moonstones from the current Star Path to purchase the next Star Path whenever it's released, but that might entail a bit more grinding than some would like.

Of course, you could always blow the Moonstones on something else entirely, but in a lot of battle passes, that's often the goal – players spend their earned currencies on something other than the pass and then have to top off their wallet to buy the next pass. Disney Dreamlight Valley players will have their free Moonstones by Monday, however, so you'll be able to decide then what to do with them.