Disney Dreamlight Valley Reveals New Feature Coming Soon

A new feature has been announced for Disney Dreamlight Valley called DreamSnaps. While developer Gameloft usually adds new features through big updates, this one will come via a smaller update sometime in the near future, and will be dropping ahead of Update 6. DreamSnaps will allow players to submit photos as part of weekly challenges, and players will be able to vote on their favorites. Even better, DreamSnaps will provide players with an opportunity to "earn weekly Moonstones," as well as additional items. Gameloft is also planning to update and evolve the feature, and is hoping to receive feedback from the game's community following its release.

"We think DreamSnaps will make your time in the Valley even more rewarding and can't wait to hear what you think," the game's official Twitter account reads. "Your feedback will be hugely important as we refine DreamSnaps over the coming updates, so stay tuned for more!"

Currently, Disney Dreamlight Valley players are gifted 50 Moonstones each day, which can be found in chests around the valley. It's a pretty small amount, and players will have to spend real money if they want enough to afford things like Star Paths. As such, an opportunity to earn more Moonstones each week is certainly welcome, and it will be interesting to see how DreamSnaps work in practice. Of course, the option of sharing and voting on pictures could also help to build closer ties between the game's community.

That's about all of the details that Gameloft has revealed about DreamSnaps so far. Update 6 is slated to release in "summer," while Update 7 is set to arrive in September. Given that DreamSnaps are meant to "tide you over between major content updates," it's a safe bet we'll see the new feature very soon. Over the last year, Disney Dreamlight Valley has offered a steady stream of content to keep players invested, and it seems DreamSnaps will continue that trend!

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