‘Disney Infinity 4.0’ Concept Video Features Disney, ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Marvel’ In One Huge Universe

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been three years since Disney Interactive decided to pull the plug on its games division, as well as its toys-to-life Disney Infinity franchise, which had covered everything from traditional franchises to Marvel to Star Wars. And to think, had it kept going, all of these might have come together into one huge universe.

At least, that’s what a new concept video indicates. A user by the name of P Tologist posted what appears to be an early-in-development video for the now-cancelled Disney Infinity 4.0: Kingdoms on Vimeo, which would’ve been the proposed follow-up to the 3.0 Star Wars chapter of the series, had it not been canned by the publisher. And in it, everyone seems to come together in one place.

The game appeared to be in development between United Front Games and Avalanche Software, who contributed to the Infinity series in the past. Based on the video footage, which you can see above, it was set to take place primarily in Agrabah, the city that serves as home to Aladdin.

But instead of just featuring characters from that universe, we see different faces team up together. For instance, one early scene shows Aladdin teaming up with Yoda and Rocket Raccoon- and that would’ve opened up a number of possibilities. We also see the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Sully from Monsters Inc. and Officer Hopps from Zootopia, among others.

The world of Agrabah appears to be larger than most of the game worlds featured in previous Infinity games, although assets would’ve been available to users that wanted to build upon them in the Toy Box mode.

It sounds like the gameplay would’ve set up new ways for the series to flourish as well, including activation pads for traps, easier travel (sliding across ropes) and more. The combat would have been cleaned up quite a bit as well, allowing characters to team up against opponents.

It’s hard to tell just how legitimate this footage is, as Disney didn’t have any comment on it. But it definitely left some ideas on the table that will now be unexplored, since Disney Infinity is pretty much dead.

That’s a shame, because had this game gone all-in with a digital re-release- without the need for so many toys- the company likely would’ve made enough money back to warrant the release of 4.0. Alas, only the PC version got such releases, and we won’t see them on console.

Still, this does bring up some curious ideas. Like, what would’ve happened if Thanos and Darth Vader teamed up against Jafar? Or, for that matter, Maui partnered with the Hulk and the Genie? Sigh...


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(Hat tip to Resetera for the scoop!)