DJMAX Respect Will Test Your Rhythm Next Month

, including a Guilty Gear collaboration pack that features three songs from the franchise. It's [...]

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Following its 2017 release over in Korea and Japan, the popular arcade Rhythm game DJMAX Respect will officially head west in just a few weeks with an official release on March 6th. The game is a remake of the original DJMAX, and along with including several of the original game's various songs, plenty of new ones have been added to the fray. In total, there are nearly 150 songs to collect and play, giving players a ton to do when they log in.

There are six play modes in the game: Arcade, Freestyle, Mission, Online, Ranking, and Collection. They're all pretty self-descriptive, but one major update is the Online mode, which pits players from around the world against each other in a battle of timing and rhythm. Here's a little bit more about that:

Arcade Mode: A standard single-player mode.
Freestyle Mode: A standard freestyle playable mode, includes two players local battle mode for the first time in the series.
Mission Mode: A mode that requires the player to clear a song or set of songs with certain conditions.
Online Battle: A multiplayer mode that allows the player to compete against another player from around the world via the internet.
Ranking Mode: Compete for play score with the players from around the world with the ranking mode.
Collection Mode: A mode that lists the player's profile, playing performance, achievements and unlocks, image, drawing, visualizing, and view music video or listen in-game music, similar to the "Lounge Room" in Portable 3.

Some of the other features of the remake include:

  • 107 songs from DJMax Portable and DJMax Portable 2, and introducing 40 new songs for Respect. All songs from DJMax Portable Clazziquai Edition, DJMax Portable Black Square, DJMax Technika, DJMax Trilogy, DJMax Technika 2, DJMax Technika 3, DJMax Portable 3, DJMax Technika Tune, DJMax Ray and DJMax Technika Q will be released as downloadable content.
  • Score limitation to every song derived from Technika 2 and Technika 3 score counting. Each song has a base score of 300,000 points, and it can go up to 350,000 points due to Fever System and judgement that player got.
  • Introducing a new achievement system. This feature has a variety of feats that the player needs to do to unlock an achievement. Achievement system unlocks in-game content such as music, gears, note, DJ plate, comments, and images. Some achievements also give a trophy to the player when completed.

There are also several DLC pakcs (and likely more planned post-release once the game goes worldwide), including a Guilty Gear collaboration pack that features three songs from the franchise. It's unclear whether these will be available when the game goes live stateside, so stay tuned for news on that.

DJMax Respect will release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 6th.

Source: Gematsu