DOOM Now Has A Mario-Themed Mod, Because Naturally

The world of modding is so strange. I mean ... really, really strange. It can bring Thomas the [...]

The world of modding is so strange. I mean ... really, really strange. It can bring Thomas the Tank Engine almost into any game, let you fight hordes of evil as a dainty anime character, and it can even bring Shrek into the stunning world of Breath of the Wild. So ... in that scope, it really shouldn't be surprising that the Hellish landscape of DOOM has now been invaded by Super Mario. You know, because science.

The mod in question is called DOOM: The Golden Souls 2 and it a total conversion project for the second game in the franchise. This fan endeavor blends DOOM 2 with the SNES stylings of Super Mario World and it has no right being this perfect because ... seriously, how did we live without this before?!

The mod team describes the newest project as "the sequel of the groundbreaking mario styled hub-based mod, this time you'll travel through levels with a world map, unlocking new paths by reaching secret exits or by collecting big coins. You must retrieve 7 Golden Souls stolen by the Cyberdemon's minions in order to save the world... once again! Features a huge world map with tons of colorful and action-packed levels."

The video at the top is the mod's launch trailer celebrating its release out into the while. Immediately the familiar tunes bring back those Mario feels, but it's so much more than a simple reskin. This is a totally immersive experience, one that fans of both franchises can appreciate fully. It's still very organic to both series, while still maintaining the brutal nature of DOOM itself.

The level recreation, the ability to teleport to any level of the player's choosing, and the familiar faces from the Super Mario franchise - it's kind of a mod that pretty much every PC player needs to try at least once.

Created by Andrea "Batandy" Gori and a team of dedicated fans, the Golden Souls 2 mod can be downloaded right here. You can also check out this handy "how to" install guide video by IcarusLiv3s here if you need a little help with getting everything up and running!

H/T RockPaperShotgun