DOOM Eternal's New Multiplayer Trailer Explains How Battlemode Works

DOOM Eternal is giving players a new multiplayer experience called Battlemode, a mode where two demons are pitted against one Slayer. We’ve seen some previews of this mode before during its big reveal and again at QuakeCon 2019, but for anyone who hasn’t seen these previews yet, the latest trailer will tell you everything you need to know about the mode. That trailer, seen above, walks upcoming DOOM Eternal players through the mechanics of the mode and the advantages both sides have.

Two demons go up against one Slayer in Battlemode where the Slayer has the power advantage against the demons’ numbers. Three of the demons players can choose from that have been revealed so far include a Revenant, a Pain Elemental, and a Mancubus, each of which come with their own weapons, strengths, and weaknesses. Demons have to work together using their unique abilities and other powers like summoning obstacles and lesser demons that exist to get in the Slayer’s way and make things more hectic. Demons can also see the Slayer through walls for a limited time until the Slayer breaks the line of sight.

While the demons have their tricks and powers, the Slayer has raw firepower from an arsenal of weapons and a map that’s built to the demon killer’s advantage. Resources like ammo, health, and armor are limited, and Slayers will have to execute these lesser demons in different ways to regenerate their resources. They’ve vulnerable for a brief moment when doing so, but by using the monkey bars around the map, Slayers can escape these types of situations quickly and turn the attack back on the demons.

Slayers can also use portals placed in each map to quickly traverse it. If they manage to kill one of the demons, a timer starts that’ll end with the dead demon respawning if the remaining one isn’t taken care of. Once a round ends, players on both sides can choose different upgrades and power items to take with them into the next match.


Post-launch, Battlemode will be supported with more demons and maps, Bethesda said. It’s also been said before that this mode will serve as the replacement for the normal Deathmatch mode DOOM players are familiar with by now.

DOOM Eternal and its Battlemode will release on November 22nd.

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