DOOM Eternal Won't Have Mod Support At Launch, But Could Eventually

DOOM Eternal will not have mod support at launch, id Software has confirmed to PCGamesN.However, [...]

(Photo: Bethesda)

DOOM Eternal will not have mod support at launch, id Software has confirmed to PCGamesN.

However, while it won't have mod support whenever it releases, it could "later down the road," as according to the developer, the feature is currently a long-term target of the team.

Word comes way of Game Director Marty Stratton specifically, who notes that there is "no guarantee" the game will ever feature mod support, but id Software has spent considerable time ensuring DOOM Eternal's code is flexible in order to make mod support at a later date plausible.

According to the director, some decisions made "way back," presumably during the development of 2016's DOOM, pushed the series away from mods, and ever since the team has been working hard and making decisions to build towards having mod support.

"We had made some technical decisions way back that just pushed us in a different direction than mods," said Stratton. "We have spent the last several years making technical decisions that get us back towards being able to do mods."

The director continued:

"We have definitely swung the pendulum back pretty far towards being able to that. I hope down the road, in the not-near future but the not-too-distant future, we can have a better conversation about that."

If you know DOOM, you will know that it once had a pretty large modding community. However when 2016's DOOM rebooted the series, it did so with no mods. At the time many wondered if id Software was just going to leave the feature behind, but apparently it's the opposite of that: it's working hard to get back into place to have robust mod support.

Despite, "new DOOM" having considerable success on consoles, the series' home will forever and always be PC. And if there's one thing PC gamers appreciate it: it's some good ol' modding.

DOOM Eternal is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and the Nintendo Switch. At the moment, it doesn't have a release date, or even a release window.

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