DOOM Is Coming to Xbox Game Pass This Week

Xbox Game Pass subscription owners have a new game coming their way at the end of the week with [...]

Xbox Game Pass subscription owners have a new game coming their way at the end of the week with DOOM reportedly being added to the game catalog.

Neither developer id Software nor publisher Bethesda Softworks have shared an official announcement about the Game Pass addition, but an email going around to Xbox newsletter subscribers suggests that the 2016 game is scheduled to be available through the Xbox Game Pass service on Aug. 10. Evidence of the upcoming expansion of the Game Pass backlog came from a Redditor by the name of DesertofBoredom who shared the news on the Xbox One subreddit. The user said that they'd received an Xbox email that confirmed that DOOM would be part of Game Pass on Friday and referenced a recent Xbox riddle that many speculated was hinting at the news.

Following up on the first post where the announcement's accuracy was questioned as others said that they hadn't received the email in question, the same user returned with another post that included a screenshot of the email. In the screenshot below, you can clearly see that Xbox's email says DOOM is indeed coming to Game Pass on Friday. If you're not seeing the email in your own inbox yet, the user advised checking different inboxes and finding the announcement among other news pertaining to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Overcooked 2 and other games in the Xbox email.

Doom to be added to game pass on this Friday, 8/10 (second post with screenshot since no one believed the first post)

The timing of the Xbox Game Pass addition makes sense considering what Bethesda has planned for the weekend. QuakeCon starts later in the week on Thursday, but the bulk of the expo begins on Friday, the same day that the game is supposed to become free for all Game Pass subscription holders. Bethesda announced the full breakdown of what'll be happening during QuakeCon 2018 this weekend — some of the biggest highlights seen here — with the QuakeCon Keynote kicking things off on Friday. DOOM fans' first look at DOOM Eternal will come during the keynote opening for the convention, so it's likely that the confirmation of DOOM being on Xbox Game Pass will come around that time, if not before.

QuakeCon starts on Aug. 9 and will continue on with multiple events and panels until Aug. 12. DOOM is expected to become part of Xbox Game Pass on Friday.