Dr DisRespect Returns to Twitch Next Month

Popular streamer Dr DisRespect announced that he’ll be returning to Twitch next month to stream [...]

Popular streamer Dr DisRespect announced that he'll be returning to Twitch next month to stream once again.

Of course, those who are familiar with the doctor's work will know this announcement didn't come in the form of a mundane blog post. Instead, Dr DisRespect shared a video that showed him back in character with a plan to return to Twitch on Feb. 5. Dr DisRespect discussed his return to streaming and revealed a new club that he's formed called "The Champions Club."

The tweet from Dr DisRespect that announced his return to streaming on twitch was the first to come from the streamer since December 13. Around that date, Dr DisRespect surprised his fans by sharing a video that didn't feature the mustachioed streamer with his usual wig and personality. Instead, he appeared on stream without any of these typical character pieces to admit to viewers that he was in the midst of family problems and was planning to step away for streaming for a while to focus on these issues.

During his previous video announcing his temporary departure from streaming, Dr DisRespect admitted that he'd been unfaithful to his wife. The admission was emotional and regretful, far from the personality that the streamer takes on when streaming. However, in his newest video that he shared via Twitter announcing his return, his wife is part of his return, a promising sign for fans worried about the streamer's personal life.

Dr DisRespect's Twitter bio was also updated to reflect the new Champions Club that he said he's started. This change could accompany other new moves from Dr DisRespect as returns to streaming, but his viewers will have to wait until his return to see what's new and what's staying the same. For those who have grown fond of his character, you at least won't have to say goodbye to the "most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community" attidude that he's adopted if his recent Twitter replies are anything to go off of.

Dr DisRespect returns to Twitch on Feb.5.