Dr Disrespect Goes On Epic Rant About "Pathetic" Stream Snipers


If you play competitive shooters on Twitch and are popular, then you attract "stream snipers" like a dirty kitchen attracts rodents. And as one of the most popular streamers on the Internet, and a player of competitive shooters, Dr Disrespect attracts as many stream snipers as anybody. And judging by his latest rant on stream, he really, really, really despises them.

For those that don't know: stream snipers are players -- especially battle royale players -- who attack streamers in public matches, usually with great success because they know their every move thanks to their stream. They aren't common, but when you stream as much as Dr Disrespect does, you come across a healthy slab of them. And typically, they're there to ruin your match for 1.2 seconds of notoriety.

That all said, the Two-Time's latest run in with a stream sniper came during a recent match of Battlefield V's battle royale mode, Firestorm. And after the stream sniper killed him, the Doc bursted out into one of his famous rants.

"These stream snipers are the most pathetic level of a human that is possible," said Dr Disrespect. "They all live in their mommy's basement, number two, they've never had a job - they don't know discipline, they've played any sports [...] they've pretty much been a failure their whole life."

The streamer continued:

"They wake up, they don't shower, right when they wake up, they get their bowl of fruity pebbles, they're in their sweatpants and one's got a semi-b*ner all morning because he doesn't know what's going on down there"

Of course, it was completely unnecessary for Dr Disrespect to cast shade on Fruity Pebbles like that, but you get the point: the streamer hates stream snipers perhaps more than any other streamer out there.

However, the one perk of stream snipers according to the Doc is being able to destroy them on a daily basis. There may not be anything in the world that makes Dr Disrespect happier than destroying stream snipers.

Unfortunately for streamers, stream sniping is going nowhere. Not only is it a hard thing for developers to combat, but the more attention streamers bring to them, the more people will want to do it.

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