Turtle Beach and ROCCAT Reveal Dr Disrespect Collection

Dr Disrespect is one of the biggest names in streaming, and Turtle Beach and ROCCAT are collaborating with him on an all-new line of products. The Champion Grade collection includes a limited-edition headset, keyboard, mouse and mousepad. Fans of the two time will want to jump on these items immediately, as two have already sold out: the Stealth 700 Dr Disrespect Headset and the Sense Immortal Dr Disrespect Mousepad. As of this writing, the Vulcan TKL Pro Dr Disrespect Keyboard and the Kone Pro Dr Disrespect Mouse are both available, coming in at $159.99 and $89.99, respectively. Readers can purchase these items right here.

As part of the announcement, Turtle Beach and ROCCAT released a trailer starring Dr Disrespect. The trailer sees engineers trying to use the streamer's abilities to create the new product line. After failing to get the streamer's essence from sweat, blood, or mustache hair, the team finds success when Dr Disrespect is moved to tears upon seeing the new products. The whole thing is pretty silly, but fans of the streamer should find a lot to enjoy. The trailer can be found embedded below.

Given the popularity of Dr Disrespect, it's not surprising that half of these items have already sold out! At this time, it's not clear when or if more stock will become available, but the website does have an option for shoppers to be notified when it does. ROCCAT has informed fans on Twitter that "this is a US promotion only at this time," much to the disappointment of some European fans.

One of the coolest details in the collection is the way that the Vulcan TKL Pro Dr Disrespect Keyboard has customized keys meant to pay homage to the streamer. The "Delete" key has been replaced with "Disrespect," the "Enter" key now says "Boom," and "Shift" has become "Speed." These are small details, but it gives the item a feel that really channels the streamer!


Do you plan on checking out any of the items from the Dr Disrespect collection? What do you think of this collaboration? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!