Dr Disrespect Shares New Response in First Stream Since Twitch Ban Allegations Emerge

Dr Disrepect's latest stream opened with a new response tied to this weekend's allegations.

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect, whose real name is Herschel "Guy" Beahm, has shared a new response on stream to allegations that came about over the weekend tied to his previous ban from Twitch. In a post shared late Friday evening, a former Twitch employee named Cody Conners indirectly claimed that Beahm's ban from Twitch in 2020 came about after it was found that the streamer had been "sexting a minor". Beahm responded on social media not long after and said that he "didn't do anything wrong" while also promoting his next stream, which would take place on Monday. Now, that stream has come about and Beahm has provided one more statement on the matter. 

At the start of his new stream on YouTube today, Beahm briefly addressed the allegations that had come about in recent days. Beahm said that he refused to expand further on the allegations that had been levied at him while also slamming the former Twitch employee who came forth with the claim. He then quickly proceeded to move on from the topic by instead shifting the focus to Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, which is the game he'll be playing on stream in the coming days. 

"For those that are looking for me to expand on this weekend, not gonna," Beahm said while shaking his head. "I already said what I needed to say. I don't give a f**k about this guy. That's it. I do appreciate the donations. I do appreciate the messages."  

In the wake of the original allegations coming about from Conners, publication The Verge has since reported that another former Twitch employee has corroborated the claims. Although remaining anonymous, this source alleged that Beahm used Twitch's former "Whispers" messaging service to speak to a minor and attempt to prompt a meet-up at TwitchCon. Outside of these two claims, other public evidence has yet to emerge that would substantiate what has been said. 

Moving forward, it remains to be seen if any further statements on this situation end up coming about. Beahm's ban from Twitch in 2020 resulted in a major lawsuit aimed at the streaming giant, which eventually was settled in 2022. As a result of this lawsuit, though, Beahm has said that he cannot talk openly about what transpired, which is likely true for those at Twitch as well. If anything further from this matter does emerge, though, we'll keep you updated here on ComicBook