Dr Disrespect Absolutely Destroys Trash Talker

While some tune into Dr Disrespect's streams for his proficiency in shooters, many watch the popular Twitch streamer for his bursts of anger, trash talk, and the pure entertainment that spawns out of all of it. Whether its slamming his desk over Fortnite or roasting fellow popular streamers, there's always something entertaining happening during one of the Doc's streams. That said, during a recent stream, the Two-Time demonstrated why it's best not to take shots at him. Not only does he have a massive platform to attack you in front of, he's bit of an expert when it comes to trash talk and mockery, which one viewer recently learned the hard way.

At one point during a recent stream, a viewer took a jab at the Two-Time, noting that he can't even win anything when getting carried by incredibly skilled, "no-life" players. As you would expect, Dr Disrespect took issue with this, and absolutely unleashed on his viewer.

Now, usually when streamers attack their viewers, even ones who are throwing shade, it doesn't go well. Nobody likes someone who punches down, and it usually comes across as haughty. However, there are a few streamers who can do it. And not only is Dr Disrespect one of these streamers, it's a big reason why so many people love him, which is why the moment instantly got clipped.

Below, you can watch the clip for yourself (3:22:00). Of course, beware of NSFW language, which is a standard warning for any Dr Disrespect clip really.


As you can see, not only should you think twice before getting into the ring with the Doc, but you should especially be heedful if you're a fellow streamer.

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