Dragon Age Announcement Potentially Teased by BioWare

It would appear that BioWare, the developer of games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age 2, and Anthem, is gearing up for an announcement of some kind... maybe. Today, November 3, 2019, marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Dragon Age: Origins, the first game in the Dragon Age franchise. While an upcoming Dragon Age game was first announced last year, basically nothing has come of it since then. But signs now point to the company revealing something more, potentially, next month.

More specifically, BioWare sent out a tweet from the official Twitter account for the developer that marked the special occasion of the first Dragon Age's 10th anniversary. In addition to simply celebrating the milestone, the tweet also indicates that the company will take part in something called "Dragon 4ge Day," an unofficial Dragon Age celebration started by fans last year in the same vein as N7 Day, the official Mass Effect day. The obvious implication here, of course, is that something distinctly Dragon Age will be announced or revealed during the event.

What do you think? Are we going to get our first official look at whatever the next Dragon Age actually is beyond just the art and narration teaser? Let us know in the comments, or hit me up directly on Twitter at @rollinbishop to talk all things gaming!


Dragon Age 4, which may or may not be its official title, was first revealed in December 2018 at that year's The Game Awards. Since then, things have been quiet on the Dragon Age front from BioWare. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Dragon Age franchise right here.