Dragon Ball's Beerus Comes to Life Thanks to This Cat's Cosplay

We all know that cosplay is a pretty rad way for fans to express their love for favorite games, [...]

We all know that cosplay is a pretty rad way for fans to express their love for favorite games, movies, comics, and more. But what makes this art of expression even better? When animals take part! We've shared the adorable "puppies in cosplay" in the past with even a Gears of War rendition of puppy power, but now — it's the cats' turn.

Thanks to Twitter user Sun_Ikuto, we can see the cat-like character in its full glory, and ready for cuddles. It makes sense that this is the perfect cosplay as well, given that Beerus himself is based on the Cornish Rex look, so having a Cornish Rex cat cosplay as the infamous God himself just makes perfect sense. And for that, we thank this Twitter user.

The God of Destruction himself first made his grand entrance in Dragon Ball Super and is an incredibly powerful character added. Whether he's utilizing his Sphere of Destruction, or going for that Meteor special attack, he's got a lot of intense attacks in his arsenal to make him an incredibly powerful character in the series. To see him in an actual IRL feline form? Yeah, we're not mad about it.

We are definitely no strangers to pet cosplays. I myself love to cosplay and my adorable pupper companions do their best as some highly beloved characters in gaming. My adorable little Sasha even took to cosplaying as Overwatch's Reaper. Well, sort of:

She's a little cutie and I'm 99 percent sure she was thinking "die, die, die" in my general direction. Do it for the Instagrams, Sasha!

Back to Beerus —

The costume design is actually spot on, though we wish he was a bit happier. He's probably busy plotting destruction and mayhem — you know, really getting into character!

For even more Beerus love, you can actually play as this character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the latest fighter from the incredible Dragon Ball franchise. The popular online title is available now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon!