Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Beerus, Goku Black, And Hit To The Roster

Bandai Nacom's and Arc System Works' new fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ is something that a lot of [...]


Bandai Nacom's and Arc System Works' new fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ is something that a lot of fans of the anime are looking forward to, and the roster of playable characters continues to grow every month! In a new report from Ryokutya, three new characters have been added to the growing line-up including Goku Black, Hit, and the infamous Beerus.

The God of Destruction himself, seen above, first made his grand entrance in Dragon Ball Super and is an incredibly powerful character added. Utilising his Sphere of Destruction, or going for that Meteor special attack - he's got a lot of intense attacks in his arsenal to make him an incredibly foe to play against (or as!).

Goku Black was a focal point in the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super, with his own array of various power attacks. He can also restrain his enemies by employing Zamasu into his moves.

Hit is a Legendary Assassin known from Universe 6. Though not as powerful as some of the other characters, his skill lies in fast travel and tricks of teleportation. Pair that with his ability to stop time while also on the offensive makes him one you would definitely not want to underestimate.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be making its PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 debut on January 26th for North America and Europe, with a Japan release slated for February 1st!

"After the success of the Xenoverse series, it's time to introduce a new classic 2D DRAGON BALL fighting game for this generation's consoles. Dragon Ball FighterZ is born from what makes the Dragon Ball series so loved and famous: endless spectacular fights with its all- powerful fighters. Partnering with Arc System Works, Dragon Ball FighterZ maximizes high end Anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay to audiences worldwide."