Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets a Huge Balance Update

Bandai Namco has released a massive update for Dragon Ball FighterZ that affects over 20 different [...]

Bandai Namco has released a massive update for Dragon Ball FighterZ that affects over 20 different characters and the game's various game modes.

The patch notes were shared today with details about everything that's changed in the update that released the same day as the DLC additions of base Goku and base Vegeta, the former's trailer seen above. Both of those characters' more powerful Super Saiyan Blue forms are affected in the patch as well as their combined Vegito fusion with the full patch notes that detail every fighter change.

Sharing the full patch notes for the Dragon Ball FighterZ update here would take up a significant amount of room, so they're better left to be read through the official patch notes. You can see the general game mode changes below though with notes pertaining to the game's various modes including local and online matches.


  • Entry settings: now Player's Info is displayed
  • Ranked Match:
    • Now you can set the Opponent Rank settings to Same Rank, About the Same or Challenge in the entry settings.
    • Network color will no longer be displayed on finding an opponent.
  • Casual Match: Now you can set the Oponent Color settings to Same Color, About the same or Anything goes.


  • Added 'Sorry' and 'Don't worry' Party Match:


  • Added Input Delay settings when playing against a player.


  • On VS screen, players can now press and hold either the L1 button or L2 button on the screen before a match to change their first character.


  • Player team can now be edited when making a World Match entry.
  • Colors can now be selected when changing characters.
  • Added Ki Gauge Recovery option and can stop Ki gauge from auto-recovering.
  • Added Center(After KO/Switch), Center(After Stage Change) options to the Starting Side settings.
  • Added the Reset Damage Information option
  • Added Starting Position settings.
    • Can switch the position of the characters.
    • The position can also be switched by holding down ↑
  • Character Settings
    • Added Potential Unleashed settings for Gohan (Adult).
    • Added Ginyu Force setttings for Ginyu.
  • Training Dummy Recording Settings
    • Training dummy's play records can now be saved to 8 different slots.
    • Added a function to randomly play a record from multiple slots (with adjustable frequency for each slot).
  • Enemy Settings
    • Added Counterattack Settings: set an attack for the training dummy to reversal attack with after a block or a damage.


  • Character selection screen: increased the cursor movement speed.
  • Follow list: followed players' names will now be displayed in blue.
  • Button settings: Pressing OPTIONS on the Button Settings screen will now save current settings and exit the screen.
  • Result screen: Z Stamps can now be used when rematch menu is displayed for online matches.