'Dragon Ball FighterZ' For Nintendo Switch Gets New Japanese Game Trailer

If you took part in the open beta that ran earlier this month, then you already know that the [...]

If you took part in the open beta that ran earlier this month, then you already know that the Nintendo Switch version of Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ looks like a million dollars. However, if you still need convincing (or for some reason you missed the beta), we've got some good news.

The publisher has released a new trailer for the Switch version of the game in Japan, showing off about four minutes of gameplay footage so you see just how speedy and responsive the combat is. It's in Japanese, so you won't be able to make out specific details from the announcer. But you get an idea of just how frantic and wildly fun the fights can be.

The trailer kicks off with some cinematics, introducing Vegeta and Goku into the fold as they get into their skirmish, with other characters eventually joining the fray. It looks like the game doesn't miss a beat when it comes to its details.

We then get an idea of how Team Battles will come together in 3-on-3 fashion, with players able to select their favorites and then get into fisticuffs. We then get a close look at the battle system, including combos, super moves and other techniques that can help you turn the tide in the heat of combat. Sometimes all it takes is landing the right moves to gain the advantage.

We also get a look at how some special moves can be executed with buttons on the Switch, in case you need an easier way to play. The ability to switch between portable and television modes is also demonstrated, without the game missing a beat. If you prefer, you can also play with up to six people in local multiplayer...though we're unsure of just how the game will handle with just a JoyCon controller. (Where's that Pro Controller at?!)

Other features are also demonstrated, including the open world menu system and a quick introduction to the story mode, which brings several Dragon Ball FighterZ characters together in truly epic fashion. Fans of the previous versions know just how nuts it gets, but we're happy to see that it hasn't lost any of its luster with the Switch version.

Enjoy the trailer above, and prepare for Dragon Ball FighterZ insanity when the game arrives on September 28 for Nintendo Switch. It's also avaialble for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.