Dragon Ball FighterZ Video Shows Super Attacks Without the Cinematic Effects

One thing we absolutely love about Dragon Ball FighterZ is its cinematic delivery. The 2D fighting [...]

One thing we absolutely love about Dragon Ball FighterZ is its cinematic delivery. The 2D fighting action is ferocious and fun to watch as it is, but when your character launches into their super attack, it takes a cinematic approach straight out of the anime, with a huge build-up and follow-through.

But what exactly would happen if the game didn't have these cinematics? It'd look interesting, that's for sure.

A new video has popped up on YouTube that shows just how these supers look without all the high-end cinematics – and it's still a pretty awesome sight, even if the characters don't look like they're doing much to begin with. You can see the video above, straight from SigmaG19's channel.

The video seems to run through all the major characters, showing them from a distance as they prepare to launch their attack, and then unleash it. Some of them don't look so hot from this perspective, even though they still have all the impact as they would going through ones with cinematics. You may also notice some rather strange effects, like the growth of someone's hand before they launch into a fireball. Good stuff.

We're not sure how SigmaG19 was able to pull this off, but more than likely, they played on the PC version of the game and set up some sort of default camera angle where it doesn't move at all, allowing you to see the scope of the moves without it closing in on a character as they launch into their finishing animation. The effect is a little surreal – and shows the effort that the developers at Arc System Works put into the animation that goes between the 2D camera angle and the close-up for the cinematics.

Be sure to watch the full video above to see how each of the moves come across. They're still impressive, if slightly less dramatic, and a lot of fun for any given fan of Dragon Ball FighterZ – or maybe even just Dragon Ball Z in general.

Also, doesn't Cell look just a wee bit tiny? Seriously.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.