Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Trailer Shows Off Nintendo Switch Exclusive Features

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is just a couple of weeks away from launching on the Nintendo Switch. We've known that the game would see some changes in the transition to Nintendo's smaller, portable console, but not all of those changes are downgrades. While we will see 30fps gameplay in the open-world segments, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will still be running at 60fps for 1-on-1 battles, and today Bandai Namco released a new trailer showing off why you still need this game on your Switch, as if portable Dragon Ball wasn't enough of a reason. Check out the trailer above.

  • TV-Mode: Play through the entire DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2 storyline.
  • Handheld Mode: Take DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch with you on the go!
  • Table-Top Mode: Share the Joy-Con controllers and battle a friend on the same screen.
  • Six player Co-op Mode: Team up with friends to take on huge bosses where cooperation and strategy are key to victory.
  • Three vs. Three Online Matchmaking Mode: Form two teams of three Dragon Ball warriors and battle against each other for supremacy!

Players will also be able to use the Joy-Con controller to execute some of the most famous and powerful super-moves from the Dragon Ball universe by mimicking the motion of Kamehamehas, Spirit Bombs, Special Beam Cannon, and more!


I'm not sure how often I'll be crouching back to form and discharge a Kamehameha in my studio room, but it's nice to know that we have the option, you know? And I loved Piccolo growing up; I've already been practicing my Special Beam Cannon. This will be a guilty pleasure worth indulging.

We still have a long way to go for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The sick new fighting game from Arc System Works isn't launching until 2018, so you guys are going to need something to scratch that Dragon Ball itch. Xenoverse 2 is just the ticket. Even if you already picked the game up when it launched on PC or on PlayStation 4, being able to take it with you wherever you go or to play in bed is going to be an enormous boon, so don't sleep on this!