Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Reveals New Vegeta Gameplay

Dragon Ball Z fans won’t just get to see Vegeta’s story retold in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot [...]

Dragon Ball Z fans won't just get to see Vegeta's story retold in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot through the eyes of Goku. They'll also get to play as the character just as they will with other Z Fighters who were key parts of the show with frequent opportunities to break away from the main story and embark on some side activities. The new gameplay shared by Bandai Namco highlights this part of the game by sending Vegeta out in a more casual attire to collect some needed items.

This new Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot gameplay comes from Tokyo Game Show where Bandai Namco and Sony showed off more of the upcoming game. Goku is obviously the focus of the story as the main character, but the more recent reveals for Kakarot have focused on secondary characters like Gohan and others who we'll be able to play as. Vegeta's quest in this mission is to find some materials needed for the fighters' training room which, knowing Vegeta, he probably regards as a pretty tedious task.

While the gameplay video inevitably culminates in a big fight just as you'd expect a Kakarot scene to end, it also highlights some of the bonus activities players can take part in when they're not fighting. By stopping at the nearby body of water first, Vegeta fishes for some food and then rests at a fire to cook a meal. These meals have been highlighted as an important part of the game since they boost combat stats, a system that fits in well with the Dragon Ball universe seeing how the characters love to eat so much.

The gameplay shows a similar scene to some of what emerged from the live events during Tokyo Game Show while giving us a more condensed version of the footage minus the commentary. It also gives us a chance to hear how the game will sound with Japanese voices and English text which is a way many people will probably prefer to play when the game releases.

Side missions like this one will reveal more than just new minigames and mechanics in Kakarot. They'll also touch on moments not seen in the manga or anime, according to Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. We've seen some of that already with the reveal of the new character named Bonyu who used to be a member of the Ginyu Force.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on January 17th.